Insure Synonyms

1.warrant. 2. assure.

History of Insure:

Insure record is dating back to 1440, as a variant of English from Anglo-French by Old French assurer to assure” took on its explicit sense of “make safe against loss by payment of premiums” in 1635, replacement assure.


insure (third-person singular easy gift insures, participial insuring, easy past and participle insured)

1. (transitive) to supply for compensation if some specific risk happens. typically united by policy (contract) to supply monetary compensation just in case of Associate in Nursing accident, stealing or alternative undesirable event.

I’m not insured against felony.

2. (intransitive) To deal in such contracts; buy a policy of insurance

3.(chiefly U.S., transitive) various orthography of ensure; to form positive or sure of; guarantee.   quotations ▼


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Usage notes

•  (provide for compensation): Note that each the person casting off insurance and therefore the company with whom the policy is taken area unit aforementioned to insure the danger.

Derived terms

•  Insurance

•  Insurer

•  Reinsure

Related terms

• Insurant

• Assure

• Ensure

Contemporary Examples:

• Proceeds from its sea drilling rigs can insure corruption on a Nigerian scale.

• Our 2 largest states, one operating to insure its individuals and therefore the other doing everything in its power to forestall that.

• For example, over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal reportable that ObamaCare has done very little to insure the global organization insure d.

Insure entered English as a variant of guarantee. However, within the mid-1600s, insure picked up a monetary sense of “to pay a add to secure indemnity to or on, just in case of loss, damage, or death.” This monetary sense is what distinguishes it these days. Nowadays, we have a tendency to primarily use insure to speak regarding providing or getting insurance, as in finally his automobile accidents, the corporate refuses to insure him once more. Insure is wont to quote different kinds of risk, however in this usage, the term is often followed by the word against, as in we have a tendency to insured against disappointment by creating Associate in Nursing early reservation.

As you’ll see, all of those terms address the action of constructing sure or guaranteeing, however every in a very slightly completely different method. the foremost necessary distinction to recollect once making an attempt to make your mind up that to use is that insure is that the solely of the 3 that expressly refers to insurance policies and monetary risk.

• Ensure, on the opposite hand, means that to form sure a factor can (or won’t) happen:

• Aides aforementioned the leaders presented by phone to confirm that their speeches, whereas completely different in tone, wouldn’t be incompatible. (Reuters)

• Roast Brussels sprout mixture on sheet pan for twelve to fifteen minutes, shaking pan regarding halfway through to confirm even preparation. (New royal family Times)

• The “feed youngsters first” policy is meant to confirm that oldsters will dine in peace. (New royal family Times)

• Finally, use insure once you would like insurance. To insure is to rearrange for monetary compensation against the loss of one thing or against somebody obtaining hurt or dying. you may insure your health, your Cadillac, your beachside abode, or your stocks and bonds:

• Very well then, listen: you recognize our house was insured for a decent deal of cash — fifteen thousand greenbacks. (Gabrielle Emile)


• Euro-area finance chiefs meeting tonight conjointly can discuss mistreatment the ecu monetary Stability Facility to insure bonds of troubled governments. (Business Week)

• Remarkably, younger and healthier people in alternative industrialised countries have long accepted the mandate to be insured reciprocally for community-rated premiums and bonded issue. (New royal family Times)

• Sometimes individuals say guarantee or insure after they extremely mean assure, to get rid of doubt. Bryan Garner points enter Garner’s fashionable yank Usage that the usage has become “ubiquitous.” Harrumph! we have a tendency to assure you that there’s a distinction, and by reading this you have ensured that you just understand your homonyms, however unluckily we will not insure you. It’s simply not that sort of party.

• There is goodish overlap between the that means and use of insure and guarantee. In each British and American language the first that means of insure is that the industrial sense of providing monetary compensation within the event of harm to one thing (e.g. property); ensure is not used in any respect during this sense.

• For the a lot of general senses, guarantee is that the a lot of usual word, however insure is additionally generally used, significantly in American language, for example:

• Bail is denote to insure that the suspect seems for trial. or

• The system is run to confirm that a decent quality of service is maintained.

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